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Born and brought up in Bahrain, Dr. Raj completed his graduation from Rajas Dental College attached to the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai in 1997. He did his training in Neuromuscular Orthodontics (Level 1 and Level 2) at ICNOG (International College of Neuromuscular Orthodontics and Gnathology, Italy) in 2006. ICNOG introduced the concept of TMD (Temporo-mandibular joint disorders) and its relation to orthodontics and kinesiology. He then followed it with his Level Two held in conjunction with IDRR in Dubai. One among the only two to have done so in Asia, he is also the PIONEER in India to use the K7, the mandibular tracking device manufactured by Myotronics, USA. He has, since then, attended various international conferences worldwide.

The IAO Conference in April 2008 at San Antonio, Texas, USA paved the way for catapulting him to the arena of Iatrogenic Headaches, Neckaches and Migraines which are actually not iatrogenic but related to TMD. This relatively new theory (NEUROMUSCULAR DENTISTRY) has been now accepted and widely used by many specialists in headache therapy. By just changing the occlusion to a more physiological Myocentric Occlusion, the condylar pressure is relieved from the retrodiscal pad in the TMJ space, thus eliminating the headache/neck ache. The new relaxed position of the condyle is maintained by different sorts of appliances such as orthotics, MORA’s and other jigs; or even through occlusal buildups, crowns and even orthodontic treatment. The Myotronics conference at Seattle, Washington, USA in June 2010, introduced him to the concept of NMD in sports wherein a mouthguard (PPMTM) is built according to the person’s myocentric occlusion and is worn during the physical activity, thereby increasing his/her balance, strength and stamina.

He is currently an associate member of the IAO (International Association for Orthodontists). He is the PIONEER in India to use a mandibular tracking device and hence start the super-speciality practice of Neuromuscular Dentistry. He procured his Mastership and Fellowship from ICCMO (International College of Cranio Mandibular Orthopedics). Dr. Rajesh is the only AACP-Tufts certified Dental Sleep Medicine specialist in India after completing his residency programme on “TMJ and Sleep Medicine” at Tufts University, Boston, USA in 2011. He is currently a Fellow of the IAO (International Association for Orthodontists) and the AACP (American Association of Cranio-Facial Pain). He is a diplomate of the Orthodontic World Institute (Barcelona, Spain) and is also a member of AADSM (American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine) and IFUNA (International Functional Orthodontics Association).

Dr. Raj is the Charter President of the India Section of ICCMO, which consists of 26 members. He has been the Honorary Secretary and President of the Malappuram Branch of IDA (Indian Dental Association) and has won numerous state and national awards for excellence in the same. He is currently a Central Council member of the IDA Head Office. He has lectured all around the world and has also published various articles in journals, both national and international.

Dr.Raj is the Managing Director of Indra Craniofacial Pain Relief India LLP (Bangalore) which conducts seminars/courses at various locations through his “The Right Bite Craniofacial Pain Care®” centres and encourages the point that dentists are not just “Tooth-doctors”! He is a consultant TMJ/Sleep Medicine specialist at The Right Bite CPC® (Bangalore), Crystal Dental Centre (Delhi), Smilecare-Eduhub (Mumbai) in India. He uses the latest types of equipment in NMD for diagnosis and treatment.

He is married to Dr. Asha Rajesh, who looks after their centre in their hometown, Malappuram, Kerala. They have a 12-year-old daughter, Raashi.

He currently visits the following clinics:

  • The Right Bite CPC® (Bangalore)
  • Eduhub-Smilecare (Mumbai)
  • Crystal Dental Centre (New Delhi)



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Mrs. Shani

I used to have constant headaches for nearly 20 years. I've met lots of ENT surgeons and neurologists and have been consuming their medicines until I heard about Dr. Raj's NMD therapy from a friend of mine who got cured by him. I am really thankful to him for freeing me from my aches. I never realized my tiredness during any physical activity could in any way be related to my snoring.

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