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B.D.S. (Rajas Dental College, Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai, India)

Ph.D – Ecole Superieure Sorbonne University, France

FICCMO (FICCMO – Fellow of International College of Cranio Mandibular Orthopedics)

MICCMO (MICCMO – Master of International College of Cranio Mandibular Orthopedics)

Dip. N.M.Orthodontics (ICNOG, Genoa, Italy)

Dip. Dental Sleep Medicine (Tufts University, Boston, U.S.A.)

Diplomate in Orthodontics (Orthodontic World Institute, Spain)

FAACP (FAACP – Fellow of American Association of Cranio-Facial Pain, USA)

FIFUNA (FIFUNA - Fellow of International Functional Orthodontics Association, Italy)

Member AADSM (American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine, USA)

International Secretary, ICCMO

President, ICCMO India Section

Central Council Member, IDA.

Born and brought up in Bahrain, Dr. Rajesh “Raj” Raveendranathan completed his graduation from Rajas Dental College attached to the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai, India in 1997. He completed his training in Neuromuscular Orthodontics at ICNOG (International College of Neuromuscular Orthodontics and Gnathology, Italy) in 2006. He is the PIONEER in South Asia to use the ULF TENS and mandibular tracking device (K7) and hence start the super-specialty practice of Neuromuscular Dentistry.

Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan is an AACP-Tufts certified Dental Sleep Medicine specialist after completing his residency programme on “TMJ and Sleep Medicine” at Tufts University, Boston, USA in 2011. He procured his Fellowship and Mastership from ICCMO (International College of Cranio Mandibular Orthopedics) in 2015. He procured his PhD from Ecole Superieure, University of Sorbonne in France. He is the Founder President of ICCMO India Section that was formed in 2017. He is also currently the International Secretary of the ICCMO International Board of Regents. Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan is the Managing Director of Indra Craniofacial Pain Relief India LLP (Bangalore) which runs centres across South Asia to treat patients with craniofacial pain and conducts seminars/courses at various locations under “The Right Bite Craniofacial Pain Care®” brand. He encourages the point that dentists are not just “Tooth-doctors”! He is a consultant TMJ/Sleep Medicine specialist at The Right Bite (Bangalore), The Right Bite (Cochin), The Right Bite (Delhi), The Right Bite - Dental World (Kolkata), Smilecare - Eduhub (Mumbai), KIMS (Trivandrum), Korambayil Hospital (Manjeri) and Indra Dental & TMJ Care Centre (Malappuram) in India.

He is married to Dr. Asha Rajesh, who runs the Bangalore and Malappuram centers. They have a 14-year old daughter, Ms. Raashi.


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Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

Implantologist & Cosmetic Dentist

BDS, MDS (Orthodontics), FICCMO

Vice President - ICCMO India Section,

Neuromuscular Orthodontics (Fellowship in ICNOG, Italy)

Fellowship in Neuromuscular Dentistry (ICCMO, USA)

MSE Appliance specialist

Fellowship in Pediatric Dental Sleep Medicine (Tufts, USA)

DNA appliance certified Orthodontist

ALF Certified

Invisalign, Insignia and Incognito Certified

Dr. Girish PV completed his BDS from V.S Dental College, Bangalore in 2004 and went on to do his Masters in Orthodontics from Maaruti Dental college, Bangalore in the 2008.

Since his PG days he had a penchant for learning something extra apart from the curriculum which led him to do his training under Dr. Fillion for Lingual Orthodontics and started simple clear aligner cases after training for the same in Germany.

Later after his Masters he worked in NSVK Dental college for 4 years as a Senior Lecturer till 2012 during which he did his Clear Aligner training in Scheu dental company in Germany in 2010. From 2012 onwards he worked as a Reader in Himachal dental college, Sundernagar.

He cleared his Supreme health council exams in Doha, Qatar and then worked as a Visiting Orthodontist for 2 years in Premium Care Polyclinic, Doha from 2012 to 2014.

In 2013 he was awarded for doing the maximum number of Clear aligner cases in South India and then he went on to train Orthodontists in Singapore and Malaysia for Clear Aligner therapy.

He did his Fellowship in Neuromuscular Orthodontics in Italy under the able guidance of Dr. Fabio Savastano in his office in Albenga, Italy- where he was trained to treat and manage TMJ cases using Neuromuscular Orthodontics and Orthotics.

He is only the second person in India to obtain Fellowship in Neuromuscular dentistry from ICCMO, USA in 2018. He presented to International delegates in ICCMO Russia in 2019 about Neuromuscular applications in Orthodontic treatment.

For the last 2 years he is focused on diagnosis and Neuromuscular Orthodontics using the K7 (Myokinesiography- Jaw tracker) for TMJ patients.

He has done his training and certification for DNA appliance which is the new revolution in the field of Obstructive sleep apnoea treatment under Dr. Dave Singh in Seoul, South korea.

He is one of the very few in India to be trained and certified for ALF appliance under the able guidance of Dr. Darick Nordstrom of USA. (St.Louis, USA, 2019)

He completed his Fellowship in Pediatric Dental Sleep Medicine in 2019 in Tufts University, Boston.

He is the Vice President of ICCMO India section and is practicing in Bangalore in “The Rite Bite Craniofacial Pain Care Center, Bangalore”.

He is one of the few orthodontists, practicing MSE appliance (Maxillary skeletal expander) for Maxillary sutural opening and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Snoring treatments. He is the first person in India to treat Adult Sleep Apnoea patients with the DOME procedure- which is a surgical/ general anesthetic process to fast track sleep apnoea treatments with MSE appliances.

His current research is focused on Newer modalities of treatments for Sleep apnoea and snoring in children and adults.


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Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

Implantologist & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Abhimanyu graduated from Lucknow, did his Clinical assistantship from Maulana Azad Institute Of Dental Sciences. After getting a good dental exposure and experience Dr. Abhimanyu decided to further his academic & clinical interests and did his post-graduation in the specialised field of Endodontics and published his thesis and dissertation as well.

Dr. Abhimanyu is particularly interested in the field of Neuromuscular Dentistry - the balance of the 4 pillars of the craniofacial region namely, the teeth (occlusion), the airway, the muscles of the head and neck and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint or the jaw joint).

His Research interests includes the effect of a stable bite and a good jaw position of peak performance during sports and physical activity.

Clinical interests: Full mouth rehabilitation, TMJ or Jaw Pain, Airway and Breathing Disorders, Tongue-tie, Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Sleep time Teeth-grinding or bruxism, Mouth Breathing, lingual frenectomy.

Apart from his clinical work, Dr. Abhimanyu is extensively involved with NGOs and works for the underprivileged to relieve them of facial pain.

Authored By : Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

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