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About Us

The Right Bite Sleep and TMJ Pain Care™ is dedicated to helping patients achieve a pain-free life. Renowned for its physiological approach to treating TMD, OSA, and related conditions, The Right Bite Sleep and TMJ Pain Care™ operates from its centres in Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai, Kolkata, Dubai, Jeddah, and Kathmandu as well as through its network of affiliated clinics, all following the same emphatic treatment protocol. Equipped with ULF-TENS devices, electro-sonography, electromyography, Kinesiology jaw trackers, axiographs, digital occlusal systems, posturography and other advanced equipment, each centre collaborates closely with ENTs, sleep labs, pulmonologists, psychologists, and physiotherapists.

Our Clinical


At The Right Bite Sleep and TMJ Pain Care™, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care and personalized treatment plans. Our team of experienced dentists and staff are dedicated to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. We offer a range of services to meet your dental needs and strive to deliver the highest quality care.


Painless treatments


97% success rate in pain symptom


Complete relief from jaw tension


we are dedicated to providing excellent patient care.


High-quality dental services.

What Sets Us Apart

At The Right Bite, we are dedicated to promoting the science of NMD (Neuromuscular Dentistry). Our specialized centres focus on addressing the root cause of patients' pain, providing long-lasting relief. We stay at the forefront of NMD research and offer education courses to fellow dentists, ensuring they are updated on the latest advancements in oral appliance therapy. With a wide range of personalized oral appliances, we tailor our treatments to each patient's unique needs.

Exceptional Results

We promote the science of NMD through our dedicated centres, focusing on addressing the root cause of patients' pain rather than providing symptomatic relief.

Comprehensive Approach

Our emphasis on NMD education courses for fellow dentists ensures they are updated on the latest research in oral appliance therapy.

Individualized Care

We offer a variety of oral appliances tailored to each patient's unique needs, crafted by highly skilled technicians with meticulous attention to detail.


Timely Service

Our commitment to promoting the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy to patients and doctors aims to enhance patients' quality of life.

Highest Standards

We prioritize developing professional relationships with colleagues in the medical community to facilitate appropriate referrals for the benefit of our patients.

Our Team

Team TRB

Our Team

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