Neuromuscular Digital Smile Design

Your smile speaks in volume about your personality and a good smile elevates your self-confidence. Digital Smile Design is one of the latest advancements in dental treatment to give you the best smile makeovers. This technology analyzes and designs smiles with immense precision by taking your facial appearance, skin tone, hair color, teeth size, gums and lips as well as your expectations into consideration. Every corner of your smile is analyzed precisely and the smile-line points are connected to determine the shortages in your smile. This digitally determined data helps to create accurately the most attractive smile for you. This multipurpose conceptual software has many advantages over conventional smile makeover procedures like:

  • You can proactively participate in designing your own smile alongside your dentist

  • Foresee the final results of the treatment before beginning with the treatment

  • More precise and predictable results


The Right Bite Craniofacial Pain Care provides an added advantage of incorporating neuromuscular dentistry in smile designing. Being the very first to introduce this concept in India, Neuromuscular Smile Designing helps in designing smiles that harmonize with the oro-facial structures like the temporomandibular joint, associated muscles, bones, airway and other structures. Our improved communication with the labs assures superior quality work. Visual communication and cutting-edge equipment used for this treatment addresses all your dental and airway concerns while creating your perfect smile. So gear up to boost your self confidence with a digitally created stunning smile makeover!


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