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Dental occlusion is the term used for the way one’s teeth meet when the jaws bite together. “Temporo-Mandibular Joint” a.k.a TMJ is the joint that connects the skull and lower jaw. The movement of the joints makes to open and close the mouth and chew from side to side.

What are the occlusal problems?

When the teeth do not fit together properly, then one can have problems not only in the teeth but also in the gums, the TMJ joint or the muscles that move the jaw. These problems are known as “Occlusal” problems.

Teeth – Teeth are extremely worn, constantly breaking, and away of line, fillings that fracture may all be the signs of occlusal problems. Teeth turn tender to bite or constant aching.

Gums – Loose teeth, receding gums will be worsened by a faulty bite.

TMJ – Pain in the jaw joints, buzzing sounds in ears, difficulty in closing and opening the mouth could be caused due to the teeth not meeting each other properly.

Muscles – If the jaw is not in a proper position, the muscles which move the jaw shall work hard and they will be easily tired. This condition leads to muscle spasms. The key symptoms are continual headaches, or a migraine, especially in the morning time. Sinus pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and even back pain are auxiliary symptoms.

Treatments for Occlusal problems:

Tooth Adjustment (equilibration) – To make teeth even, they shall be adjusted carefully. Altering the position and direction of the slopes, the jaw can be repositioned.

Teeth replacement – The TMJ requires balanced support from both jaws, both sides. The chewing action will be designed properly if and only if all the teeth are present in the correct position. Replacement of teeth is not usually done until a clear diagnosis is carried. Relief in some patients will be instant whereas it takes a long time among others.

Medication – Some drugs may help in certain cases, but only as a temporary solution.

Relaxation – Relaxation therapy & Counseling may aid in some cases. The techniques will help the patients to come out of stressful situations.

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