How do postures affect Cranio Cervical Mandibular Disorder

CranioCervicalMandibular Disorder or CCMD is a little known disease but it causes a lot of suffering to those who come in its path. Individuals affected with CCMD are extremely prone to migraines and continuous jaw pain. The condition takes a toll on its victims. What's worse, the condition worsens itself as per the position that patients take. Sounds strange but it's true, the symptoms of the condition, which is primarily pain, worsen if the patient sits in certain kinds of positions.

Numerous, well-documented studies have been conducted to determine the relationship between posture and CCMD. Studies have found that the TMJ or Temporomandibular joint (which is located in the jaw) is directly related to the cervical and scapular region by an interrelated neuromuscular system. Changes in the cervical spine can cause TMJ disorders and the opposite is also true. Since head and cervical muscles are closely related to the stomatognathic system, studies have been carried out to confirm that postural changes of the head and the body could have an adverse biomechanical effect on the TMJ and lead to a disorder here.If you didn't catch that, basically the whole body is interconnected. This is especially true for the bones, any pain that you fell in your head, could have its origin in other parts of the body. In the particular case of CCMD, the pain is almost always a result of the wrong posture.

Furthermore, if you also suffer from OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea, (snoring) then this could very well be aggravating your CCMD. CCMD is a particularly serious condition that can cause tremendous pain to those it infects. This condition must be identified and treated at the earliest. If you or anyone you know exhibit the symptoms of CCMD then you should reach out as soon as possible and we'll help recommend the appropriate course of action.

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