Neuro Muscular Dentistry course

Neuromuscular dentistry is a field of dentistry deals with the entire system that controls the function and positioning of the jaw and neck. By this procedure a neuromuscular dentist can reduce the stress on the muscles that is connected to the hard tissue of the jaw.

Conditions Treated using NMD

By using the modern techniques and instruments a neuromuscular dentist can align the jaw, symptoms of TMD caused by misalignment of teeth, temporomandibular joint, nerves and muscles and TMJ symptoms. The common symptoms of these misalignments and dysfunction include:

  • Jaw Pain

  • Shoulder , neck and back pain

  • Head aches

  • Loose teeth

  • Popping sound in the jaw joints

  • Clenching of teeth and jaw

  • Numbness of the arms and fingers

  • Bite abnormalities

Benefits of Neuromuscular Dentistry Course

A dentist who is trained in Neuromuscular Dentistry knows the relationship of nervous system, joints, the bite, muscles and all the biomechanics related to the proper functioning of the jaw.

The following are some of seeing a Neuromuscular dentistry:

Dental Restoration done by a neuromuscular dentist is long lasting because of the effective corrections they make during the procedure

The depth in knowledge of head and neck helps them to treat the patients effectively and give them relief from pain and discomfort

They can evaluate and treat the anatomy and physiology of neck and head as a whole

A neuromuscular dentist's way of treatment deals with the tissues and nerves, that offers curing of the problems from the roots

A neuromuscular dentist have the necessary technology to diagnose and treat the problems

Unlike other dentistry that deal with the outlook and beauty of the teeth, NMD concentrates the overall health of the teeth

NMD works to strengthen the tissues and thus increases the grip of the teeth in the gums

The Right Bite Craniofacial Pain Care based in Bangalore provides NMD training for dental professionals under the leadership of Dr Rajesh Raveendran. Dr Rajesh is skilled NMD specialist, who got trained from USA and Italy. The aim of this training course is to create awareness about Neuromuscular dentistry in people as well as doctors. The course is available at major cities like Cochin, Bangalore and Delhi, for more details of the course and location

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