Cervical Posturology

Cervical Posturology is the study of the tonic postural system and helps in diagnosis and treatment of aches, pain, tension, tingling and numbness that develop due to misaligned posture. It is a non-invasive way of healing and postural reprogramming. Posturology addresses the causes, not the symptoms of the problem, and restores functional movement.

The Glenoid Fossa within the TMJ space forms the first point in the postural chain. Hence, any change in condylar position would cause a compensatory change in position of the head; and following it downwards through the neck, spine, hips, knees and ankle. These compensatory changes can be ascending or descending; so TMD can be a cause for referred aches and also can be caused as a referred ache. Proper assessment is needed to diagnose these as 20% of all our patients do complain of lingering cervical issues. With every change in mandibular position, there would be a change in cervical position and vice versa.

It is best to refer to a NUCCA Chiropractor. But due to the unavailability of even one, a physiotherapist who understands posturology or muscle tonicity is something better than nothing.

During assessment, the patient may be prescribed appropriate treatment including special insoles (which are not orthotics), magnets, eye drops and special exercises.

It provides immediate as well as long-term results.

Authored By : Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

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