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TheRightBite –ICCMO India “Learn NMD” Course1

An Introduction To Neuromuscular Dentistry : 1 Hour Webinar


Neuromuscular dentistry (NMD) is all about the science of creating a harmonious atmosphere among the muscles of mastication, the temporo mandibular joint and the teeth so that neither compensation nor compromise happens in any of the above three constituents of the stomatognathic triad. 90% of all TMD is myogenous and hence should be treated holistically rather than going under the scalpel. NMD is the holistic approach. By creating the Myocentric position for the mandible, the teeth are then brought into that occlusion, hence reprogramming the muscles of mastication. This is done using state-of-the-art and sophisticated, yet, easy to use, equipments.


NMD will also help us grasp the science of the silent killer, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and how a dental surgeon can help a patient control it.


The protocol followed in India will be stressed upon. The concept of Addition NMD and Reduction NMD will be explained during Course2 and Course8.


Dr. Rajesh will explain the basic concepts of NMD and how TMD and OSA can be successfully managed by practicing it. This 1 hour webinar will provide you with the basic knowledge of this innovative science and is free when you register for any of our courses.


Once you finish this introductory course, you will be eligible to join the next course; which would be a 2 day hands-on course enabling you to register the TENS bite and make micro-occlusion adjustments on the resultant orthotic with the T-Scan/12micron Articulating paper.



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Mrs. Shani

I used to have constant headaches for nearly 20 years. I've met lots of ENT surgeons and neurologists and have been consuming their medicines until I heard about Dr. Raj's NMD therapy from a friend of mine who got cured by him. I am really thankful to him for freeing me from my aches. I never realized my tiredness during any physical activity could in any way be related to my snoring.

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