Diagnosis & Treatment of CCMD

Cranio cervical mandibular disorder (CCMD) is a neuromuscular disorder that can cause other disorders or be an after effect. Either way, without proper diagnosis, the treatment would remain incomplete. With every change in position of the mandible, there will be a change in position of the cervical vertebrae; and vice versa.

At The Right Bite, we work in tandem with qualified physiotherapists, who can help patients with unresolved neck aches. Our methodology involves posturology scans and ULF TENS application on the muscles of the neck in tandem with the TMJ. This enables us to maintain the bite with the orthotic in the isotonic neck position. The orthotic holds the neck in this new position. The neck aches disappear in a couple of months.
If the neck pains don’t go away in 4-5 months, it means that there was some underlying issue in the neck as well. This can be corrected with our holistic approach that the physiotherapist inculcates by checking your diet, posture exercises and pressure techniques.

Authored By : Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

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