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Diagnosis of Neuromuscular disorders

To diagnose a neuromuscular disorder you must make yourself aware of its symptoms. The symptoms are predominantly related to the muscles of the body. It includes a sharp and a dull pain, involuntary twitching and an uncontrollable movement in the muscles. Symptoms, however, vary from one type of neuromuscular disease to another. If once you start experiencing any of the symptoms, it is always advised that you take help of a licensed medical specialist. Your doctor will be able to diagnose your disorder properly and suggest medical treatment according to it.

  • Explain to your doctor about the distress that you are going through.
  • Be elaborate and don’t leave any details out of the explanation.
  • Try to be specific about the symptoms and help your doctor to understand the problems that you are facing.
  • Your doctor will study the symptoms to finally conclude the cause of them and determine whether you have a neuromuscular disorder or not.
  • If you are suffering from a neuromuscular disorder, your doctor can diagnose it with a full medical examination and diagnostic tests that will include Radiograph, MRI, CT-Scan and/or EMG.

We thrive at providing the best diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders. Our team of specialised doctors takes the best care of the patients. Over the years we have established ourselves in making it possible for our patients to get the best diagnosis of the neuromuscular disorder. We are enhanced with the latest equipment that manifests genuine results and hence, allows us to diagnose the disorder properly.