Digital Micro-Occlusion

Perfect harmonious Dental Occlusion is what every dental treatment should end up with. From as simple as a filling to a full mouth implant supported prosthesis; the final way your teeth meet with each other matters the most. This decides the fate of the surrounding and supporting structures like the Muscles, the nerves, the Airway and the jaw joint (TMJ).

The teeth can sense as thin as a human hair of 8 – 10 µ. Thus, correction of occlusion should be done at this micro – level. This can be achieved arbitrarily with articulating papers or digitally with T-Scan or Occlusense. Dentistry has come a long way and hence incorporating modern computerized technology to something as important as our bite is inevitable. These equipments help us check for muscle forces, force distribution, disclusion time and high points.

At The Right Bite ©, we use the T-Scan/Occlusense in both Addition NMD on the orthotics and Reduction NMD on the teeth. We confirm the bite in centric maximum intercuspation and anterior, right & left disclusion times. It is imperative that the skyscrapers on the bite scans are as evenly distributed as possible with the right and left even at nearly 49% - 50%. The disclusion time has to be kept below 0.5 seconds.

Authored By : Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

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