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Dr Girish

Dr. Girish PV

Dr. Girish PV is a distinguished Neuromuscular Orthodontist and TMJ specialist with over 18 years of clinical dental practice experience. For the past 8 years, he has been using Neuromuscular Orthodontics for non-extraction and expansion protocols, with a focus on "Airway Focussed Orthodontics." His approach is not just about treating patients' teeth but also addressing the entire face and associated structures, including airway, posture, and TMJ. Dr. Girish has been treating TMJ and Sleep Apnea patients using Neuromuscular concepts since 2015. 

He is the first person in India to treat Adult Sleep Apnea patients with the DOME procedure. Dr. Girish has lectured in Singapore, Malaysia, and Moscow on Orthodontic and TMJ related topics. He has been focusing on the diagnosis and Neuromuscular Orthodontics using the K7 (Myokinesiography- Jaw tracker) for diagnosing and treating TMJ and sleep apnea patients. Dr. Girish's aim is to educate fellow orthodontists and dentists about the perils of extraction protocols and to ensure they are avoided in orthodontic treatments.


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