International Patients

The Right Bite follows a very patient friendly time bound protocol for those coming to India for treatment from abroad.
Day 1 - Consultation followed by  X-rays, CT scan and Sleep study.
Day 2 - Treatment protocol and initial work up of records and financials.
Day 3 - K7 Bite Registration.
Day 7 - Orthotic delivery with minor corrections.
Day 12 - First adjustment followed by all food diet.
Day 14 - K7 scan check up.
If all is fine, then the patient can leave. If by any rare chance, there is a slight variation, then 5 more days would be required.
After leaving, ideally the next follow up is advised after 4 months; provided there's no problem. If there is any concern, the patient should notify us and meet us as soon as possible.

Authored By : Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

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