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Patient complains of pain in the jaw that is usually dull and poorly localized. It originates from the joint or from the muscles (myofascial) or from both– MPDS(Myofacial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome). Pain is present as the person wakes up in the morning but can also occur when the jaw is used for chewing food or is moved during talking, laughing etc. Pain can be unilateral (located on one side) or bilateral (located on both sides). It is generally associated with the limited range of movement of the jaw, locking of jaw or jaw stiffness.


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Mrs. Shani

I used to have constant headaches for nearly 20 years. I've met lots of ENT surgeons and neurologists and have been consuming their medicines until I heard about Dr. Raj's NMD therapy from a friend of mine who got cured by him. I am really thankful to him for freeing me from my aches. I never realized my tiredness during any physical activity could in any way be related to my snoring.

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