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Neuromuscular Orthodontics 

Othrodonitcs Machine at TRB clinic
Neuromuscular Orthodontics


At The Right Bite Sleep and TMJ Pain Care, we proudly lead the way in advancing Neuromuscular Dentistry across India. Our approach transcends mere tooth alignment; we prioritize treating the intricate network of bones, muscles, and nerves in the head and neck. As pioneers, we've introduced Neuromuscular Orthodontics to rectify diverse dental misalignments.


Our Focus: Functional Restoration and Aesthetic Harmony


We go beyond cosmetic alignment, addressing functional aspects crucial for restoring the body's stability. Our focus encompasses correcting the airway, reducing bone trauma, and eliminating adverse forces on teeth. We believe in aligning teeth not just for appearance but also for optimal functionality.

Distinguishing Neuromuscular Orthodontics from Conventional Methods


Crooked or misaligned teeth often result from issues within the airway, muscles, nerves, and bone structures of the head and neck, along with tongue positioning. Neuromuscular orthodontics delves deeper by rectifying the underlying causes of misalignment. This approach enhances air passage, aligns neck vertebrae, promotes comfortable nasal breathing, ensures proper jaw function, and achieves a harmonious bite.

Unveiling the Advantages of a Neuromuscular Bite

Embracing a neuromuscular bite offers multifaceted benefits:

·  No bite relapse, eliminating the need for retention appliances

·  Enhanced facial symmetry and structural balance

·  Improved airway and breathing functionality

·  Cutting-edge Technology at The Right Bite Sleep and TMJ Pain Care

·  Non extraction and expansion orthodontic protocols


We employ cutting-edge jaw recording instrumentation to pinpoint accurate tongue and jaw positions, mitigating detrimental tooth forces. Leveraging bioinstrumentation and jaw tracking, we optimize jaw muscle functionality, ensuring an optimal treatment outcome

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