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The key element for a healthy body is the food we eat. Of course there are several other factors like exercise and our lifestyle which affects our body too. The food that we eat gives us the energy to do day to day activities. The calories we consume affect our body, skin and also our teeth. Yes, that’s right our eating habits do affect our teeth.


Eating too many sugary items would cause decaying of the teeth which can be easily prevented. Common foods that contain sugar are soft drinks, candy, cookies and pastries. Intake of large amount of sugar may contribute to gum disease. Food with sugar often lacks nutrients which make the tissue of mouth weak. Thus, they are unable to resist infection. Consulting a dietician and planning your food chart will help you to avoid all the health problems.

A poor nutrition diet can contribute to the oral health problem. Not just the nature of food items but also the time of consuming food affects our body. For a healthy body and mouth, we need to follow a good timetable as well. Eating a healthy and balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, pulses provide good oral hygiene and overall health. Drinking a lot of water avoids dehydration of the body. Many researchers have concluded that a poor diet is the main cause of tooth and gum infections. Mouth infections and tooth decay can lead to tooth loss which affects the overall health.

Consuming food rich in calcium, phosphorous, vitamin D keeps teeth healthy. Along with proper balanced diet dentist advice people to follow good oral hygiene like brushing twice a day, washing mouth after each meal, flossing etc..Green leafy vegetables are much more advised. Regular checkups with your dentist will help prevent oral problems. A healthy mouth keeps our body healthy which in turn becomes an abode for the healthy soul.

Authored By : Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

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