Team Consultants

ICPRI believes in teamwork. TMD and OSA cannot be cured by just the NMD specialist. That is why we bring together the Chiropractor, the ENT surgeon, the Orthopedician, the Pulmonologist, the Physiotherapist, the Psychologist, the Neurologist, etc., for the successful treatment of our patients. However, due to the nascent stage of the science, getting the right team in India is the toughest job.

However, nascent our motto - Teamwork!

Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan is building his team all over India through the NMDI(Neuromuscular Dentistry India) Club and ICCMO India section. We have eminent dentists from all specialities working with ardour to help our patients.

OUR TEAM includes:

Bangalore - Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan and Dr. Girish PV

Mumbai - Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan, Dr. Girish PV and Dr. Abhimanyu Chaturvedi

Delhi - Dr. Abhimanyu Chaturvedi, Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

Authored By : Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

  • Bangalore
  • Delhi



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