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Temporomandibular joint is responsible for the movement of the lower jaw to do activities like chewing, yawning, talking etc. In the case of TMD, the patient complains of pain or difficulty while chewing or biting. The pain is usually described as a dull ache in the joint that occurs from time to time after chewing the food. In some cases, the patient also complains that they feel like “grating” while chewing.

In layman terms, it is caused because of excessive forces that are falling on the TMJ complex every time the patient chews that results in impinging of the nerves and the blood vessels within the retro discal area.


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Mrs. Shani

I used to have constant headaches for nearly 20 years. I've met lots of ENT surgeons and neurologists and have been consuming their medicines until I heard about Dr. Raj's NMD therapy from a friend of mine who got cured by him. I am really thankful to him for freeing me from my aches. I never realized my tiredness during any physical activity could in any way be related to my snoring.

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