Are you suffering from TMD, OSA OR CCMD?

Both TMD & OSA are kind of an umbrella of disorders with a whole lot of symptoms falling under them. The symptoms generally start mild and become chronic and nagging as the patient does not get proper treatment for the exact cause of the disorder. Most of the patients go to a general physician for their treatment but do not get any relief as they only give symptomatic treatment to the patient. As soon as the patient stops taking medicine, the pain comes back. This is because TMD & OSA are not the disorders to be treated by general physician. These disorders need to be especially managed by Neuromuscular dentistry which evaluates the complex relationship between teeth, temporo-mandibular joints (TMJ), muscles and nerves to find out the best resting position of the jaw. These disorders are almost always the result of misaligned resting position of the jaw.

Authored By : Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

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