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The problem of TMJ is detectable after a group of symptoms appear. The exact etiological factor or the exact reason behind the occurrence of TMJ Disorder is yet not known but there exists a number of factors that are responsible for this disorder to occur.

Discussed below are some of the factors which may cause TMJ disorder / TMD Causes / Jaw Pain Causes in a person:-

  • It can be a very significant cause of TMJ disorder if the concerned patient is suffering from trauma. In certain instances of trauma, the mouth of a person remains open for a certain period of time, then due to hypertension of the jaws, TMJ disorder may arise. This situation might also arise during the time of local anaesthesia of the oral region of the face, yawning, dental treatment etc.
  • Occlusal factors are yet another very important factor that can cause TMJ disorder. Abnormal chewing and biting activities may be a reason for this disorder to occur in a person.
  • Genetic factors are often blamed for TMJ disorder. It is not compulsory that this disorder is passed from one member to the other or generation after generation. But it can definitely occur due to the predisposition of the developing TMJ disorder.
  • The TMJ disorder may be caused in presence of other medical problems in the patient like rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, osteoarthritis and another similar group of related bone disorders.
  • Jaw Clenching, grinding of one's teeth, nocturnal Bruxism, various forms of psychosocial factors like stresses are also some of the causative factors for TMD in a person.