What makes us Different?

INDRA CRANIOFACIAL PAIN RELIEF INDIA LLP promotes the science of NMD through its network of The Right Bite CPC® centres, which are especially dedicated to patients who suffer from TMD or OSA. At ICPRI, we aim to work on the real cause of patient’s pain rather than giving them symptomatic relief. We also aim to promote and create awareness among the people as well as doctors about NEUROMUSCULAR DENTISTRY.

The following highlights of ICPRI make it different from the rest of the clinics:

  • Availability of a variety of oral appliances that are crafted to suit the unique needs of every patient.

  • The appliances are crafted by highly skilled and qualified technicians who take care of even the meticulous detail.

  • Our clinic focuses on excellent patient care and high-quality dental care and services.

  • We continuously offer NMD education courses to our fellow dentists to update them about the new researches in the field of oral appliance therapy.

  • We are constantly promoting the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy to patients as well as doctors to give a better life to the patients.

  • We are keen to develop close professional relationships with our colleagues in the medical community with a view to forward and receive appropriate referrals for the benefit of our patients.

In addition to this our following clinical outcomes with chronic pain patients after NMD treatment also make us proud of our achievement:

  • Painless treatments

  • 95% reduced pain symptoms

  • Complete ease of tension in the jaw

Authored By : Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

  • Bangalore
  • Delhi



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