Why NMD?

Myocentric occlusion is the occlusal relationship between mandible and maxilla that minimizes the need for muscles accommodation and posturing, and allows normal decompression of neural and vascular intra capsular tissue and associated connective tissue. It provides the optimal condylar position that we strive to achieve in a gnathic system that may have become pathologic due to previous condylar positional discrepancies leading to TMD (Temporo-mandibular dysfunctions).

This can be explained only with the help of an actual knowledge in the sciences of NeuroMuscular Dentistry (NMD). The science of NMD is well chronicled in hundreds of scientific articles and textbooks including past anthologies. NeuroMuscular Dentistry is a non-invasive and non-medicating alternative to correct the misaligned bite that may cause various pains and other symptoms associated with TMD.

Why is NMD so important?

NeuroMuscular Dentistry has gained lot of importance especially in the treatment of TMD due to the following reasons:

  • Establishes the harmonious balance between the teeth, facial muscles, nerves and the jaw joints.

  • Provides the full spectrum of care necessary for optimally functioning oral health

  • Increases comfort and efficiency of oral functionality

  • Relaxes the muscles and tension to create a rejuvenating facelift resulting in more youthful look and enhanced comfort

  • Utilizes computerized diagnostic tools and focuses on the details to improve how people feel about their teeth, oral comfort and dentistry.

  • Consistent and predictable results relieve patients from decades of pain.

  • Attain oral/facial comfort and proper function for the long-term

  • NMD along with conservative full-mouth reconstruction allows preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible to reclaim the oral health.

Authored By : Dr. Rajesh Raveendranathan

  • Bangalore
  • Delhi



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