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The Right Bite Diagnostics 

 Comprehensive Diagnostic Protocol for Effective Treatment at TRB

Accurate diagnosis forms the cornerstone of effective treatment strategies, and at TRB, we prioritize a meticulous and comprehensive diagnostic process. Merely identifying the issue is insufficient; we delve deep to uncover all underlying causes, crucial for preventing post-treatment relapses. Our diagnostic arsenal includes:

  • Questionnaires: We conduct subjective analyses, capturing detailed medical histories to leave no stone unturned.

  • 3D CBCT Imaging: Utilizing cutting-edge CBCT technology, we capture detailed 13x16 images of the head and neck, enabling precise identification of even the most minute irregularities.

  • Airway Volumetry: An exclusive TRB procedure, evaluating airway size to diagnose potential sleep bruxism.

  • 3T MRI: Employed for complex cases, providing insights into disc positioning during jaw movements.

  • Orthopantomogram (OPG): Initial X-rays for dental issue identification, later confirmed by CBCT.

  • TMJ View (Left and Right; Open and Close): Radiographs crucial for TMJ functionality assessment.

  • Polysomnography (Sleep Study): A cornerstone of our protocol, using advanced PSG technology to detect sleep-related bruxism.

  • Muscle Palpation: Skilled examination of TMJ and head/neck muscles for pain and tension detection.

  • Intra-oral Evaluation: Beyond dental aspects, we explore airway-related dysfunctions like tongue position and airway obstructions.

  • Cervical and Postural Assessment: Our team includes physiotherapists to identify vertebral misalignments and postural issues contributing to craniofacial pain.

  • Cranial Nerve Screening: A unique TRB technique screening and optimizing cranial nerve function for ideal lower jaw positioning.

At TRB, our integrated approach to diagnostics ensures thorough understanding and precise treatment planning for optimal patient outcomes.

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