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The Right Bite Treatment

Achieve Long-Term Relief: TRB's Comprehensive Approach to Chronic Craniofacial Pain & Sleep Disorders

At TRB, patient safety and long-term relief from chronic craniofacial pain, sleep disorders, and sports appliance requirements are our top priorities. Our protocol is designed to safeguard patients from future pain, guided by our unwavering motto: "We will never give up on the patient."

Phase 1

During Phase 1, lasting from 3 to 8-10 months depending on diagnosis, our goal is to achieve 90%-95% symptom relief. The TRB protocol, tailored to each patient, may involve additional or reduction strategies. Additional protocols feature customized Orthotics (Anatomic splints), optimizing muscle balance jaw positions. Reduction protocols utilize precise tooth filing based on data from advanced NM equipment. TRB employs sophisticated equipment including:


  • J5 ULF TENS (Myotronics): Ultra Low-Frequency TENS Unit for neuromuscular TMJ practice.

  • SEMG (Myotronics): Surface Electromyography to assess muscle function.

  • Bio EMG (Bioresearch): Measures muscle tonicity during chewing.

  • K7 Sonography (Myotronics): Records TMJ noise frequency variations.

  • Bio JVA (Bioresearch): Classifies TMJ disorder severity.

  • K7 Kinesiography (Myotronics): Jaw tracker for precise bite recording.

  • Occlusense (Bosch): Digital articulating paper for bite pressure analysis.

  • T-Scan (Techscan): Measures bite force and chewing time.

  • Mat Scan (Techscan): Assesses posture balance and sway patterns, particularly useful in sports dentistry.

Phase 2

Phase 2 aims for a pain-free future, considering orthodontic options like customized braces or full mouth reconstruction with crowns and bridges. Success requires collaboration with allied specialists such as myofunctional therapists, tongue tie specialists (utilizing laser dentistry), ENT, pulmonologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and psychologists.

Patients are fully informed about treatment protocols and outcomes during a detailed 2-hour consultation appointment, ensuring transparency and understanding. Trust TRB for comprehensive care and a pain-free future.

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