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 TMJ Clicking, Locking and Popping?

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Experience Pain Relief with Our Customized Neuromuscular Orthotic 

TMJ disorders, including those related to anatomic features, growth and development, trauma, or arthritis of the TMJ, can manifest as clicking, often ceasing growth is complete. This clicking may result from the displacement of the cartilage (disc) within the TMJ, which typically cushions the bones. While many individuals with TMJ clicking may suffer from other debilitating problems, some may exhibit symptoms such as jaw pain, ear pain, or jaw/ear stuffiness, necessitating treatment. Conversely, TMJ locking typically requires treatment and can stem from various causes, including cartilage displacement, joint arthritis, abnormalities, bony issues, malocclusion or infection. Accurate diagnosis involves a detailed history, X-rays, and other tests.

At The Right Bite sleep and TMJ Pain Care, our primary objective is to ensure your departure from our office without pain. Our team employs a pioneering approach to create a personalized orthotic, which has provided immediate pain relief and complete resolution of TMD for thousands of our patients with just a few adjustments.
Despite their simple appearances, these adjustments typically alleviate craniofacial and TMJ pain, with the full benefits cascading through the entire treatment process. Our neuromuscular orthotic works to move your jaw back to its correct position, through functional movement and measurement of your muscles. This approach aims to alleviate pressure on surrounding nerves and ligaments, restoring proper function and providing relief from symptoms such as jaw clicking, locking, facial pain, sleeping problems, and migraines. If you are being treated at The Right Bite Sleep and TMJ Pain Care, you will most likely go through two different orthotics, with the goal of pain relief and gradual correction.
An orthotic is a clear or tooth coloured, precisely fitted device that sits on your lower teeth, worn to help correct the alignment of your jaw and the muscles that insert into it and sleep better. Once your orthotic is placed, you will notice your bite feels more comfortable as proper muscle functions start immediately. When your jaw is properly aligned, you will also notice an improvement in other functions such as head posture, balance, and sleep. Your neck, shoulders, back, and whole body will be stronger with this optimised muscle positioning. If you are interested in learning how a custom orthotic can benefit you, contact The Right Bite sleep and TMJ Pain Care for a consultation. We will discuss your symptoms, talk about a treatment path, and find out if TMJ treatment is right for you.

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