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Causes of TMD-Related Headaches

Understanding "TMJ Headaches" : TMJ also known as Jaw Joint.


A "TMJ Headache" stems from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), a widespread concern affecting millions globally. TMD commonly manifests as TMJ pain, jaw discomfort, and a range of associated issues. In the realm of neuromuscular dentistry, the primary focus is realigning the TMJ to mitigate these symptoms.

The misalignment of the TMJ exerts pressure on adjacent nerves and ligaments, initiating a domino effect that often results in TMJ headaches. These headaches aren't isolated; instead, they're often intertwined with a broader spectrum of TMD-related problems, including jaw discomfort, disruptions in sleep patterns, and even migraines, which are often misdiagnosed.

Neuromuscular Orthotic Treatment at  The Right Bite  Sleep & TMJ Pain Care


Our specialised focus at The Right Bite revolves around personalised orthotic treatment, aiming primarily at alleviating pain. Our tailored approach has successfully resolved TMJ headaches for numerous patients.

Your Initial Step Towards Relief


Embark on a comprehensive consultation featuring manual muscle tests and 3D head and neck scans. Subsequently, a personalized treatment plan is crafted for your specific needs. Contact us today to regain your well-being and embrace a life of improved health.

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