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What is a Neuromuscular Silensor?

Updated: Mar 13

Experience Enhanced Sleep Quality and Well-Being with The Right Bite's Silensor Solution!

In our pursuit of transforming lives, The Right Bite has introduced Silensor, a groundbreaking advancement tailored with India's socioeconomic context in mind. Coupled with our innovative neuromuscular approach, this solution is meticulously customised and titrated according to each patient's unique muscle physiology.

The impact of Silensor goes beyond just sleep duration; it's about enhancing the quality of your sleep. Patients report a significant boost in daytime energy levels, eradicating tiredness, fatigue, breathlessness, and daytime sleepiness, among other issues.

How does Silensor revolutionise your sleep?

This sophisticated device plays a pivotal role in keeping the airway open during sleep by gently positioning the lower jaw forward. By preventing the jaw from falling backward, Silensor minimises sleep apnea events, desaturation events, bruxing/clenching/grinding occurrences, and snoring.

Distinguishing Silensor from night guards:

Contrary to regular night guards provided by general dentists, which merely shield teeth from clenching and grinding damage without addressing the cause, our Silensor designs maintain the mandible forward in the optimal neuromuscular position, tackling the root of these problems.

Is Silensor essential for every TMD patient?

In Dr. Raj's extensive experience treating numerous TMD patients, around ninety percent exhibit sleep and breathing disorders contributing to sleep-related issues like clenching and grinding. Therefore, an at-home sleep study is recommended during consultations to assess the need for Silensor and improve sleep quality.

Benefits TMD patients can expect from Silensor:

Beyond resolving underlying TMD causes, Silensor offers life-changing improvements, including:

  • Reduced or eliminated snoring

  • Enhanced mental alertness and concentration

  • Daylong freshness

  • Decreased clenching and grinding

  • Improved cardiorespiratory function

  • Reduced sleep disturbances and anxiety

  • Elevated energy levels and increased REM sleep

Silensor vs. CPAP: A comparative insight

While CPAP remains the gold standard for sleep apnea treatment, Silensor serves patients with AHI parameters below 25 and severe OSA, offering a complete sleep and lifestyle transformation. Moreover, Silensor surpasses CPAP in terms of comfort, portability, and compliance.

Is Silensor a lifelong solution?

Indeed! Silensor is advised for lifelong use to prevent relapse of craniofacial pain, sleep apnea, and related issues. Pairing Silensor with our neuromuscular approach ensures relaxed facial muscles during sleep and maintains the mandible in the correct physiological position.

Embark on a Journey to Revitalise Your Sleep and Well-Being!

Contact us at The Right Bite today to explore how Silensor can elevate your sleep quality and transform your life for the better!

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