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K7 Neuromuscular Orthotic

Updated: Jan 11

Discover the Transformative Power of Neuromuscular Orthotic Treatment at The Right Bite!

At The Right Bite, our primary focus revolves around the pivotal role of TMJ orthotics, commonly known as TMD splints, in transforming lives. Don't let their simplicity deceive you; these orthotics hold the key to alleviating craniofacial and TMJ pain, unlocking a cascade of benefits that extend throughout your body.

The objective of our TMJ orthotic treatment is comprehensive:

  • Reprogramming the mandibular position

  • Enhancing neck and craniocervical posture

  • Reducing or eliminating headaches and migraines

  • Improving facial balance and symmetry through gradual remodeling

  • Increasing airway volume for better breathing

How does an orthotic address craniofacial pain and TMD?

At The Right Bite, we utilize the pioneering J5 ULF Tens, a patented method in neuromuscular dentistry. This cutting-edge approach releases muscular tension, allowing us to pinpoint the ideal lower jaw and TMJ position. The orthotic is then custom-designed to maintain this precise position, initiating the body's natural healing process.

How does a neuromuscular orthotic differ from a regular mouthguard?

Unlike regular mouthguards, our anatomic orthotics are meticulously crafted after ensuring optimal muscle balance and utilizing a precise 3D jaw tracker to register a bite. This personalized approach ensures accurate joint positioning at a fraction of a millimeter precision, distinguishing it from conventional mouthguards.

What's the timeline for treatment?

The process involves spending at least 2-3 hours to register the bite accurately. We aim to deliver the orthotics within two weeks thereafter. For immediate relief and prevention of further damage, we provide a temporary QuickSplint™ appliance on the same day and same bite.

Patients wear our orthotics 24/7 during the initial treatment phase, even while eating. Most experience immediate improvements, but over 6-8 months, these orthotics gradually reprogram the jaw position, rectifying the initial problem.

What follows after treatment?

After completing its task, the orthotic treatment transitions into the second phase, employing neuromuscular orthodontic treatment to naturally maintain the corrected jaw position. Alternatively, patients opting out of the second phase can choose to continue with the long-term Myorthotic appliance.

Exploring your options:

We offer various orthotic types tailored to individual needs and lifestyles. Whether you prefer a clear or tooth-colored appliance, we have customizable solutions to suit your preferences.

Ready to Experience Lasting Relief and Transformation?

Embark on your journey towards lasting relief from craniofacial pain and TMD. Contact The Right Bite today to explore our innovative orthotic treatments and reclaim your comfort and well-being!

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